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Dr. Nemechek is proud to announce the future release of Nemechek Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a high phenol, COOC-certified olive oil blended to meet Dr. Nemechek's specific phenol and taste requirements.

Nemechek Gold will only be available to purchase through this site. Pre-orders will open in February 2020 and oil will be shipped early March. Due to the unique characteristics of this oil, only limited quantities are available.

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You can also see our FAQs page for more information about Nemechek Gold EVOO.

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Olive Oil is an ancient, natural food and is a dietary staple for some of the world's healthiest populations.

High quality extra virgin olive oil is also a critical component of the internationally acclaimed Nemechek Protocol® and is essential in maintaining the health of you and your family.

Nemechek Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil is designed to deliver 5 mg health-promoting polyphenols within 30 ml of oleic acid, the omega-9 fatty acid that protects you from common cooking oils. 

Proper amounts of polyphenols and oleic acid are considered essential to experience the health promoting properties attributed to olive oil.  High concentration phenol oils consumed in small amounts are lacking the necessary oleic acid. 

Use Nemechek Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your favorite recipes, add it to a smoothy, drizzle it over a salad or just drink it straight!  Nemechek Gold is blended to be delicious as well.

Nemechek Protocol® Approved!

Much of commercially available extra virgin olive oil in the U.S. is considered substandard.

Nemechek Gold Olive Oil is COOC-certified and contains the necessary phenol content to improve health - but not so much that the oil taste is bitter or burns your throat.

COOC-certification is the only U.S. certification process for EVOO that requires strict independent laboratory testing to ensure authenticity and quality.


Your Nemechek Gold will ship in March 2020. Shipping available to USA addresses only.

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