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International Shipping

Shipping Nemechek Gold Olive Oil Overseas

We have found that the best way to ship internationally for now is through these two companies below.  All shipping within the USA is free, then you just pay the international shipping with either of these companies you choose.  That way, you can order from us anytime, and it’s quick for us to process.

The oil is shipped in box is 12" x 12" x 6" and each box can hold 1-2 bags.  Each bag weights 6 lbs.

The process is this: 

  1. You set up an account with 1 of these shipping companies
  2. That company then gives you a shipping address in the United States
  3. You place an order with Nemechek Gold using the US shipping address given to you by the company you choose
  4. All shipping within the U.S. is free of charge
  5. Nemechek Gold then ships the order to the US shipping address you provide for the company you have chosen
  6. When the shipping company receives your package, they then charge you for the international shipping
  7. Upon receipt of payment they then forward the package to you 

These companies specialize in shipping internationally, which would allow you to buy our olive oil  more easily, and receive them quickly.

Thank you - Dr. Nemechek

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